Family, Adolescent & Infant Health

At Designer Diets we have heard it all:

  • “During puberty I grew quicker than my friends and peers, became a little chubby plus have oily hair and skin.”
  • ”During teenage years, I experienced irregular periods and then was put on the pill to regulate them.”
  • “I got married and lost weight for the celebration but then it crept back on, plus more!”
  • “I lost lean muscle mass as I aged and got annoying skin tags.” 

Dietary needs change throughout the lifestyle.

How we can help

Infant nutrition and fussy eaters
It’s normal for children to be fussy eaters but to ensure they are still receiving the correct nutrition they need, it may be important to work with a dietitian to develop strategies and techniques to maximise their intake.

Healthy growth and development
During childhood, children tend to change their eating to match their growth patterns. However there are certain micronutrients and minerals of particular interest that are crucial during these stages to ensure children continue to thrive in their growth and development. 

Family meal planning
Family meal planning can be hard, tiring and sometimes even overwhelming when you have a household of requirements to cater for, including one vegan teenager, one diagnosed coeliac disease hubby and you’re experimenting with a low FODMAP diet. Ease the stress and speak with our team for simple meals and recipes that your family will love. 

HSC/exam nutrition
Are you or your teenanger constantly indulging in tubs of ice cream or blocks of chocolate to fuel your emotional stress and the challenges that come with facing the HSC? Unfortunately there is no magical food that I can recommend to give you that 99.95 mark everyone strives for, but what if I did tell you that a diet plan can help with concentration, energy and feeling full and happy to get you through those 3 hour exams.