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“Geraldine and her team are amazing! Geraldine has so much knowledge and has tailored a plan for not only myself but my whole family. My health is finally back on track, I feel great and my blood results are coming back within normal range. I was so terrified before my first appointment but quickly felt at ease with Geraldine. She made me feel comfortable. I’m so glad I have made an investment towards my health – I owe it all to Geraldine. She really changed my life.”
“Geraldine has been part of my health journey for a long time. She supported me throughout my pregnancies so my insulin resistance was under control to help me conceive and thankfully avoid gestational diabetes. Battling my weight is always my biggest personal challenge. Geraldine listens and keeps me on track. I feel she is on my team and keeps me accountable. I am very grateful.”
“Geraldine has honestly saved my life. I was sick for 3 months with diarrohea and literally starving. She got me on the low fodmap gluten free diet. After 3 weeks I was better. After 6 weeks, I felt great again and as my energy returned I could resume my activities. My doctor recommended her and I'm lucky to have her guiding me. She has so much knowledge to share and as a coaliac also understands & relates to people well.”