Geraldine is experienced and generally cares for her patients. Geraldine works as part of a multi disciplinary team with medical professionals to assist with your health and provides follow up care Marnie always give you a warm welcome on arrival. We travel over an hour for visits, and it’s well worth it to get quality advice.

Geraldine and her team are amazing! Geraldine has so much knowledge and has tailored a plan for not only myself but my whole family. My health is finally back on track, I feel great and my blood results are coming back within normal range. I was so terrified before my first appointment but quickly felt at ease with Geraldine. She made me feel comfortable. I’m so glad I have made an investment towards my health – I owe it all to Geraldine. She really changed my life. I don’t even want to think about what I would do without her now. Geraldine is probably the most knowledgeable person I’ve ever met. She has uncovered and treated health conditions many doctors weren’t able to. I’m so thankful to have her in my life. She is the kindest, most wonderful person I’ve ever met.

Geraldine has been part of my health journey for a long time. She supported me throughout my pregnancies so my insulin resistance was under control to help me conceive and thankfully avoid gestational diabetes. Battling my weight is always my biggest personal challenge. Geraldine listens and keeps me on track. I feel she is on my team and keeps me accountable. I am very grateful.

I have suffered from IBD for 6 years, I was on and off steroids and tried all medications, even the biological ones, nothing worked! Geraldine helped me to be in remission in just 6 weeks and all this was through a diet so just by giving me the food that my body can tolerate. I really recommend her, not just as a Dr because a Dr just help you because it’s his job and he gets money, Geraldine saw me couple of times without taking money and I was amazed! I’ve never seen anyone that does that and she calls me to check if I’m doing well. If you’re looking for an honest Dr go to her, she did not lie to me when I first visited her, she saw that I was so worried and anxious however she didn’t say yes you’ll be in remission in weeks, she was so honest and said that we will try our best, and now I’m in remission and doing great! no more symptoms 🙂 Thank you so much Geraldine 🙂

I highly recommend Geraldine as a dietitian. Her dietetic knowledge is fantastic but even more importantly, her commitment, support and patient advocacy is priceless. Geraldine goes above and beyond to help and assist. She has expertly managed by son’s gastroparesis NJ feeding and diet with amazing expertise. Geraldine works tirelessly with my son’s other specialists in order to achieve the best outcome. Her communication skills are second to none as she phones and writes reports to provide the team with regular updates. You couldn’t get a more dedicated person. We are lucky to have her as part of our team.

Geraldine and her team are amazing! Geraldine has so much knowledge and has tailored a plan for not only myself but my whole family. My health is finally back on track, I feel great and my blood results are coming back within normal range. I was so terrified before my first appointment but quickly felt at ease with Geraldine. She made me feel comfortable. I’m so glad I have made an investment towards my health – I owe it all to Geraldine. She really changed my life. I don’t even want to think about what I would do without her now. Geraldine is probably the most knowledgeable person I’ve ever met. She has uncovered and treated health conditions many doctors weren’t able to. I’m so thankful to have her in my life. She is the kindest, most wonderful person I’ve ever met.

I don’t understand how anyone could say a bad word about Geraldine. She is the most genuine, kind, caring down to earth person I have ever met. She has gone over and beyond for myself, not just with my illness but also being an advocate for myself. She has changed my life and helped me more in 6 months then specialists I have seen for years. Geraldine isn’t just my dietician I class her as one of my friends she is that caring and I recommend her to absolutely anyone who needs help. Please get in contact with her, I promise you will not be disappointed.

Over the years I have been to numerous doctors, specialists, naturopaths and wasted thousands of dollars on consultations, medicines, vitamins etc. There were days I was in such agony, that I couldn’t go about with my day. No one could tell me what was going on, until I met Geraldine. Not only have all my symptoms completely disappeared, I feel better than ever! Geraldine, thank you for going above & beyond. You are the most caring professional I have ever come across. Also, your team is amazing, thank you Marie & George. God bless for all you do xx

I have known Geraldine for many years now and she is the most supportive and caring professional who has devoted many hours into healing my family. Geraldine has supported my family with Crohn’s disease, motility disorder, Lymphoma, Insulin resistance and many other issues. Her knowledge and experience is outstanding and she consistently works along side our many doctors. I could not recommend Geraldine enough. Our family were very fortunate to fall in Geraldine’s hands even though I think she often must feel like running a mile when we walk in the door. Geraldine is worth every cent and so much more. I can’t thank you enough Geraldine for all your amazing help and support over the years and your ability to think outside the box!

Geraldine is a true professional in every sense of the word. I have had the most amazing journey of success with Geraldine. Her knowledge base coupled with her approach are a recipe for absolute success!! Keep up the great work Geraldine!

Geraldine has been my daughters dietician since May this year after being recommended by her gastroenterologist. Both myself and daughter were both extremely hesitant to say the least after so many bad experiences, however within the first contact we had all doubts were gone. She is amazing and put my daughter at ease which is a big thing to do. Since then she has been the single person that we turn to she is always there for us. She was the one that saved my daughters life last week because she picked up her low phosphate in her bloods and sent us straight to hospital then rang us at 10pm that night to check on her. I could not praise her highly enough. My daughter adores her and she is my sanity saviour. Marie George Geraldine we would be lost without you all. We love you.

Geraldine alleviated my fears straight away, she has given me enough tools, knowledge and support to succeed. Can’t wait for my next appointment to see my progress!

I was referred to Geraldine by my GP and am forever grateful. I initially went to see her for my insulin resistance and Geraldine was able to pinpoint I had a gallbladder issue and PCOS like an amazing psychic (but obviously it’s her extensive knowledge, training and abilities). I’ve since been treated for my gallbladder issues and am in the process of being treated for my PCOS and Geraldine is supporting me and guiding me, working with my dr’s to get me on the right path. I’ve lost weight under her guidance (still more to go but it’s a marathon not a sprint) and have gained the reassurance that someone is there, on my side, listening to my medical issues and believing in a supported solution. I’d without a doubt highly recommend her to anyone wanting to turn their life around and get on the right path with their health. If you’re willing to put the effort into your diet and lifestyle, Geraldine is there to support and help you every step of the way. Can’t speak of her highly enough.

Geraldine is a brilliant dietitian who’s always there for us she was highly recommended to me by our specialist Dr Vincent Ho over a year ago after my son has been sick for over 4 years 🙁 she has been there weekly if not daily especially in the first several months after my son finally got diagnosed with Gastroparesis;( and was put in hospital with a nasal gastric feeding tube 😢  which was definitely an anxious time and we were blessed by having her there when needed 👍  I would recommend Geraldine and her lovely Staff to anyone. We couldn’t say enough about her help and my son always says he feels so lucky to have such an understanding person/specialist in his life as he should know having seen so many in the past.

Not only is Geraldine Georgeou a true professional in her industry, she is a very caring, empathetic, genuine individual who I cannot recommend highly enough! I was anaemic & diagnosed with Coeliac disease over 12months ago & referred to Geraldine Georgeou by my doctor. I am eternally grateful for her service. I feel fantastic after only 12 months under her guidance & following her specialist advice. She has provided me with great nutritional advice as well as a very personalised service. Anyone seeking specialist nutritional advice look no further. Thank-you so much Geraldine & staff – you are all absolutely fabulous!!! AND I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Geraldine’s’ new book: “The Australian Healthy SKIN DIET” – great super easy to prepare recipes for anyone wanting to eat healthy meals. A very informative nutritional book that is so easy to read & understand. Thank-you again Geraldine, I feel FABULOUS! (My favourite recipe: The Vegetarian Buddha Bowl – GF yummy!!!)

I can’t thank Geraldine enough for not only her dietary advice for my health needs but also her care and honesty.

Great dietitian with sound advice and great knowledge and experience. Geraldine guided me through a severe health issue, surgery and post-op recovery. Her advice and care is second to none and worth every penny. Luv you GG.

Cannot recommend Geraldine highly enough. Without her help I would not have been able to ask the right questions of my GP which consequently led to correct diagnosis of coeliac disease. She goes above and beyond and has been instrumental in helping me move to a gluten free life.

Geraldine is by far the best dietician out there – could not recommend anyone else but her. She is more concerned about doing what’s best for the patient rather than taking the money and just doing her job. Geraldine has helped me through everything and continues to help me both mentally and physically.

I have found Geraldine extremely professional and her knowledge of food and diet is extensive. Geraldine has educated me on food types and labelling and has taken me to a supermarket to actually show me the right choices to make when buying my food by explaining what to look for on labels and what ingredients are in different foods. She certainly goes way beyond the normal role of a dietician.

Had the pleasure of meeting Geraldine Georgeou 18 months ago, who put me on the right journey to fixing not only my nutritional needs but also my underlying health problems that had not been clarified by my doctor. Not only is Geraldine extremely professional but she is also caring and doesn’t settle for unexplained results. Thank you.

My experience with Designer Diets and Geraldine has always been extremely positive. Not only is she caring but she takes the time to listen to your concerns and will look in directions other professionals would not think of. I accredit all my progress thus far to her.

Geraldine Georgeou has had the most incredible positive impact on my son’s health. Within the first 7 days we saw a dramatic improvement in his health and he has since thrived. He suffers from Leaky Gut and after going to specialist after specialist for 2 years and getting no results, we had nearly given up. Our whole family is truly grateful. Most importantly my little boy’s self esteem has improved massively. His relationship with family and friend relationships have improved as has his behaviour and school results. I have since referred Geraldine to other family suffering from gut or eczema issues and they have also raved about the results. Call her you won’t be disappointed – even if you have to travel for miles – do it!

Geraldine has honestly saved my life. I was sick for 3 months with diarrohea and literally starving. She got me on the low fodmap gluten free diet. After 3 weeks I was better. After 6 weeks, I felt great again and as my energy returned I could resume my activities. My doctor recommended her and I’m lucky to have her guiding me. She has so much knowledge to share and as a coaliac also understands & relates to people well.

Wonderful dietitian, best one I’ve ever been to. I would give her 10 stars. Knows what she’s talking about regarding all health issues. Easy to talk to & very friendly. From my experience you will see results & you can maintain it with good advice from Geraldine as I’m still maintaining my weight after 7yrs with all my health issues on regular visits. Geraldine is great with all age groups. My child has health & mealth issues, also a very difficult eater. Geraldine has got my child losing weight & making small steps towards my child’s eating problems.

Geraldine Georgeou has been fantastic. Very thorough and looks at every aspect of your wellbeing. Assisting in losing weight is only part of what she has done for me and my family. Thank you so much.

I have been with Designer Diets for years now & in particular in the care of its founder Geraldine Georgeou who’s Service is second to none! The staff are always friendly & welcoming. Geraldine will get you through those trying times & back on track to get you results. No judgement. She goes beyond the basics to offer support & educate you in the science & medical side of things as well & will point you in the direction for the appropriate medical care. It is comforting to find a dietician who genuinely cares about your health & wellbeing & more importantly, you as a person. I have learnt that if you trust in her guidance & methods & put in an honest effort to match, you can achieve great results & better health. I am very happy to have been recommended to such a caring team.

I highly recommend Geraldine. I met GG +10 years ago and i cannot thank her enough for everything she has done for me. Straight from the start she was caring, helpful and professional. She goes above and beyond for her patients, she’s extremely professional, honest, experienced and knowledgeable. Im very grateful to have her in my life. Love you GG.

I don’t usually do reviews or read them as I’m a bit sceptical regarding keyboard warriors but my experience with Geraldine Georgeou has been second to none and I couldn’t recommend her more highly. I have been blessed to have been taught to think that there is no price that you wouldn’t put on your health as it’s the only one you’ve been given. GG has supported me through a complicated illness, when other medical professionals scoffed. She listens and has supported and made recommendations to diet and is always ready to talk through medical issues and to help problem solve. When many would have dismissed my alternative diet for autoimmune issues, GG has only been supportive. We have had an ongoing relationship that has only benefited my health, weightloss and general well being. She has uncovered medical issues that others have missed. I am now able to live a healthy life with a good team of medical professionals supporting me, having initially arrived in her office 3 years ago, in constant pain, unable to eat, unable to glean any nutrients from food, undiagnosed, undermedicated, unable to function in my day to day life, falling asleep during the day, overweight & with multiple medical problems. If you genuinely want help towards a more healthy future, GG at Designer Diets is the person to see.

I first saw Geraldine when I was diagnosed with Coeliacs disease 9 years ago. She taught me how to read food labels, took me on grocery shopping tours and provided me with comprehensive food plans to take the hard work out of planning gluten free meals. Geraldine also noticed I was a little overweight and worked with my GP and my gastroenterologist and found out that I was insulin-resistant and was in the category of ‘pre-diabetic’. With her leading my ‘team’ of professionals, I lost over 30 kilos and now lead an active and healthy lifestyle. You will not find a more thorough, caring, informative and honest dietician in Sydney! Geraldine constantly goes above and beyond for all of her clients, and genuinely cares about every one. If you’re looking for a dietician, I cannot recommend Geraldine highly enough. She literally changed my life!!!