As the Principal Dietitian and Founder of Ellawell; Diabetes Prevention and Management, and Author of What 2 Eat – Diabetes NSW Australia we have extensive experience in identifying what is in our toolbox to help you achieve the balancing act of diabetes management.

  • Type I
  • Type II
  • Gestational

How we can help

Type 1
From living with type 1 diabetes, we know that you are the experts in your life. Nonetheless, we are experts in nutritional management. Sounds like we make a good team! 

Type 2
From meal timing to carbohydrate counting to the glycaemic index, type 2 diabetes management requires proper education and a diet plan that addresses your medical and lifestyle needs.

Gestational diabetes
The journey of pregnancy is meant to be one of the greatest achievements and challenges that we, as females, endure. A diagnosis of GDM does not have to dampen this, therefore we aim to develop a simple, safe and nutritious diet plan that will feed you and your little love!