Tired of trying to get results from weight loss programs?
Tired of feeling sick, bloated, lethargic and overweight?
Want to regain your health naturally?


We want to Design a Diet for Life! YOUR life!!!

If you are committed to your health this program is for you.

There is so much information in the public domain that it’s very difficult to assess what works and, more importantly, what’s right for you.

Many people with serious medical conditions have experienced years of searching, misdiagnosis, trying many harsh diets, spending too much on powders and potions, and working far too hard – without achieving a satisfactory result. Your own mental state and relationships often suffer as well.

Without a thorough medical, lifestyle, personal and nutritional diagnostic, no health program and diet will deliver long-lasting results.

Are you sick of going to the doctor and never finding a solution?

If so, DESIGNER DIETS™ can help you.

Whether you are challenged by weight loss, insulin resistance, diabetes, polycystic ovary disease, fertility, heart disease and gut disease we can help. Our scientific testing and holistic methodology enables us to designs a lifestyle and nutrition program that:

  • reflects your individual health challenges
  • is based on proven medical and nutritional interventions
  • is staged to enable realistic goals to be achieved
  • empowers you to achieve the results you need
  • in partnership, provides ongoing monitoring and support

Our lifestyle and nutritional process will help by:

  • examining your DNA history and medical and nutri-medical background
  • understanding how you arrived at your current situation
  • addressing the source of your knowledge base
  • refining that knowledge to suit your lifestyle and health

to give you a lifestyle and nutrition program that puts you on the path to success.

We prefer to work with your medical team and bring all the pieces together to formulate a plan which is long lasting and effective for you.

DESIGNER DIETS™ search and collect specific data that addresses your nutri-medical requirements and lifestyle needs. In addition, our nutrition process addresses not just your emotional triggers to foods but deconstructs your eating habits, body processes and empowers you with the tools that support your lifestyle in the simplest possible way.

If we can help please ring us for an appointment or better still ask your doctor for a referral.

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